Well here goes nothing

I’m trying out new kinds of blog spaces and I’m figured WordPress would be an interesting place to try out. There are so many free services out in the magical land of the internet but many of them become very specific to the “audience” that is already there. Tumblr for example is now so over saturated with random Gifs and fan fiction that it’s hard to consider it a legitimate blog space.

A lot of people like to have everything all in one place I’m not so keen on that mentality. I have my POS phone (Or dumb phone) for calls or text, my nexus tablet is used procrastination purposes and my laptop is for official work like writing, editing accessing emails, and I really feel the same way about my websites. Youtube is where my videos go, Facebook is where I keep in contact with real life people I don’t particularly like, Twitter is where I stalk famous people and the random things they have to say, Tumblr is where my nostalgia lives and now I’m just looking for a place to do my writing.

Something that should be kept in mind is that I have a problem with spelling and grammar. It’s not so much that I’m an idiot and have no appreciation for the English language but I just have such a terrible time proof reading my work until after I’ve already hit publish. Only then do I just notice my stupid little mistakes.(This is what has kept me a B student in college as opposed to an over achieving A student) So if you’re a grammar nazi I’m just going to go ahead and apologize in advance.

The things you can expect me to write about are rants and reviews on current events whether they’re big stories in the media, new movie or music releases or just random things I happen to care about. I may even post some of my photography and videos that I do from time to time. (please note I consider myself an amature photographer using and crop sensor DSLR and a basic kit lens don’t expect some award winning photos out of me). I’m not out to offend anyone or cause any big controversies but I’m not going to cater my post to a single group of people. My opinions are my own and I don’t expect them to match up with everyone else’s and if you do disagree with me that is fine and I welcome conversation but I will not cater to people who use hateful language with saying things like “Go kill yourself” or “You’re a Fag”. I’m just going to ignore it and not respond it. I value inteligent conversation, not the responses of adolescents who are behind in development of empathy.


  1. Well, welcome at WordPress then =)
    I can be a spelling- or grammar-nazi, but only when people lazily use text-speak, or write like a F-student. Since I do effort to read another language, it does not give people the right to let me do all the effort. But I do not think your writing is all that bad. (off course I might not see smaller mistakes, and I probably make those myself 😉 )

    1. There is a line between making little mistakes that can be overlooked and just reckless disregard for clear and understandable language. Nonetheless I recognize that it’s something I need to work on especially considering I’m studying journalism.

      1. Exactly, there is a clear line between those two. Great that you do want to work about it. Good luck with your blog!

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