Taking the New Camera for a Spin

As I had previously mentioned in my last post I have recently upgraded to a full frame DSLR. There are a lot of advantages of having a full frame camera such as High ISO performance, getting the true focal length out of your lenses and just better overall image quality. I’ve yet to use it for a shoot but I took it to Old Town to  just feel around with the functionality of the camera.


The first thing I instantly noticed was the focal length of my lenses. When I originally shot on my D5100 which was a DX sensor, meaning that it had a 1.5 crop factor on every lens I used. This means my 50 F1.8g worked like a 75mm lens my 85 F1.8g was closed to being a 130mm  lens and my 70-200 2.8 worked more like a 105-300mm lens. On this new full frame camera all these lenses look a lot wider to me. Now My 85 looks a lot closer to what my 50 used to be on my old camera. This is really forcing me to get closer to my subjects and thinking more carefully about my composition. Now this acquisition has encouraged me into looking at getting a wide angle lens and I am currently looking at the 28 F1.8g to give me the wide angle on this camera but that might be later down the line.


another benefit I’ve seen in the full frameness of this camera is how the Raw files turn out. I do all my post processing in Lightroom and the high ISO performance on top of getting all the information off the sensors has been great during post processing. Some files that go in a little over or underexposed are easily tweaked and the color tones I’m able to get is far superior that I ever got out of my DX camera.


Going forward I’m looking forward to things I can do with this camera in portraits and shooting the candid/journalistic situation that I like throwing myself into. The other features of the camera work up to satisfaction for me as far as frames per second in continuous burst, the build of the camera and the focusing system is quicker than anything I had in my last camera so all is well in photography land with my new camera.


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