May the Fourth Be With You



Growing up the one piece of pop culture was always Star Wars. As a small child whenever me and my sister were bored we would pop in the original trillogy into the VCR and just marathon through them. I was also at a very tender age when the prequel trilogy was being released where my critical understanding were less that stellar and the entire universe captured my young imagination. I remember swinging around toy light sabers in the back yard and playing the video games like Knights of the Old Republic and Battle Front all through out the summer.


Now as an adult the universe is very much still present not only in the public consciousness but in the world that I live in. Since I started doing cosplay photography  you see many individuals in Star Wars attire. Madalorians, Storm Toopers, Jedi Seth. If it’s in the Star Wars Universe it’s been don in cosplay. There is even a faction of  the 501st legion present in my home town.


Regardless of where the Universe is now and where it will be in the foreseeable future Star Wars is important to the shaping of my life and it’s still a very big part of the passions I find myself in.

To all my other Star Wars fans out there all I can say to you all if May the Force be with you. and Happy Star Wars day.

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