A Few Glitches Won’t Stop The Protomen

To kick off Denver Comic Con 2015 the big guns were literally pulled out by giving the main stage of the opening ceremonies to the Protomen.


I’ve known about the band for years going back to a friend’s non stop jabbering about their musical brilliance, and after seeing the chaotic masterpiece in person I can now see what all the hype was about.


The show was clearly not the smoothest ride the band has ever had;  with numerous problems with equipment and instruments deciding to just not work at crucial times, the performance was wrought with technical difficulties. Despite the obvious frustrations the show went on and the Protomen rolled with the punches like champs.


Carrying the performance was the rhythm section. Like any vital part of the body the drummer acted as the heart beat of the band, especially when things continued to go wrong on stage. The performance was held together by the unrelenting pounding sensations from the drums and it covered any mishaps that could only be heard by the trained ear.


Live performances often come down to how much energy is in the room. The Protomen certainly didn’t lack any as they brought their distinct ability to connect with the crowd along with their enticing theatrical performance, all of which compliment their melodic identity.


While their ability to power through all the annoying glitches that plagued their performance there was a nagging feeling the band was robbed of a proper sound check. Through out the show there seemed to be a lack of balance and it could have a been the obvious cause of the bands woes throughout the show.


To be completely fair I did spend a vast majority of the show in the very front of the stage and my head was right next to the guitar amp, I noticed that the further away from the stage I was the more I found that the sounds from the PA system was more balance.


A big factor of any show is the venue of course and that presented a set of challenges of its own. Essentially they were playing a giant convention hall with chairs filling most of the space that was available. There was probably only 10 feet of space between the front of the stage and the first row of chairs and could only fit only the most enthusiastic of fans who wanted get the full effect of the show.


Despite all the woes and frustrations the band showed a great amount of enthusiasm and humor towards the situation. With several cracks about how you have to respect gear only to turn around and have the lead singer say “Forget what I said…Fuck gear”


If one word could be used to describe the show it would be exhilarating. It’s not very often that you get to experience a live performance from a unique sounding group that creatively use their tools to put together a performance that gives you the urge to look at their past work and see what the group is actually made of.


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