Delina the Power Trooper.


Getting shoots in can be hard.  It’s especially hard when you have a particularly hectic life. Delina is pretty easy to relate to when it comes to that little reality. I’m sure if we had a little competition of who could keep themselves more busy. She’d probably win but I’d give her a run for her money.



Us being busy all the time makes it a real treat when we actually get to work together. Delina approached this shoot with an youthful energy that some times get lost on many who are in their adult age. She ran around, jumped kick and got really into the idea of being a power ranger. Something that you don’t normally get out of models on a shoot but treating work as a play is a great way to make sure the shoot comes out great.


One thing that was not particularly fun on this shoot was lighting. When shooting with natural light you only have some much control over what you can and cannot do. With the sun going down earlier and earlier and being more expedited with daylight savings ended hitting that golden hour requires some good timing on your part.  At one point during the shoot we nailed the golden hour timing and were able to get great work but some of the earlier shots were plauged by harsh shadows and trying to get back lighting caused flair and ghosting. Nothing I couldn’t handel in post of course. Just not the ideal situation.



After a quick costume change and some time passing we get exactly what I wanted. That warm and even late afternoon sun that just gives images that majestic and even glow while the final costume change as recognizable as the previous one I kinda love the mishmash that we got. With storm trooper costume bought from a store and a couple of other pieces added from Delina’s fashionable wardrobe we got this 1980’s cyber-biker punk vibe that could only come from the randomness of our minds.


looking at the images in post and putting them together I noticed this level of intensity in Delina that you might not have picked up on in the was she behaved on the shoot but the images show a level of determination and focus that it really hard to match. the look and feel of the images don’t really work without this intensity and while it was a fun goofy shoot that we did it’s hard to see that images that we took which I think is why I love shooting with Delina so much. It doesn’t feel like a boring dry shoot while we’re in the process but the results come out looking so serious and grounded that the audience is fooled into thinking we have some level of professionalism.


As time goes on I’m starting to find new things that I know that I need to work on as a photographer. Particularly when it comes to supplemental lighting. I think the problem is that I lack a large level of creative vision to come out with these high concept shoots and I often find myself just going into every shoot with just a blank canvas and a set of skill and tools I use to make the images without having some kinda of end goal. That’s something that I need to work on myself but as far as Delina goes she just needs to keep doing what she’s doing.



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