Shooting the Southwest Burlesque Showcases Pushes My Creativity.

Live performance is probably the most raw forms of self expression out there. People who perform live bare their passions and souls out to an audience of people while they are fighting back the nerves and controlling their energy out into sea of inward looking eyes. Now imagine doing that while taking your clothes off. It’s hard not to admire the confidence and enthusiasm of burlesque performers and being asked to capture all of this is a huge honor.

That being said shooting live performance as a photographer is difficult. The Lighting isn’t designed with photography in mind, performers are unpredictable and you don’t know if an image is usable till you get in on the computer screen and start toning it. None the less I found that this event was nothing short of the creative outlet I was looking for. Many photographers crave control of everything; The lighting, the posing, even the environment. Me I like having to think outside of the box to over come the limits of what I’ve been given. I use the stage lighting to give my images mood and drama to. Performers are giving me millions of moments to capture I just need that right one. And while an environment might not be ideal it’s still still has it’s own personality that I want to capture.

When I take a photo I want to capture my subjects personality. You’re not going to find a more vibrant range of personalities than at a burlesque show.

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