Joy as Biker Ivy

When planning a quick shoot with Joy Coy I knew right away that I wanted to do something Poison Ivy related.


Especially since she started cosplaying the Character AFTER I had left new mexico. The hard part was coming up with of what kind of variation of the character we wanted to do. The first thing that popped into my brain was Biker Ivy especially given my new obsession of motorcycling. (I have just purchased Harley Davidson that I am currently in love with.) With a simple grunge setup and some stellar natural light I was increadibley pleased with the shots we get. If you want more Joy Coy and see some of her other nerdy and burlesque art you can check her out on Patreon at

Girls of Geek Reunion.

Virginia has had a lot of things going well for me. Stable job doing video production, a comfortable home life with a wonderful support system, and I’m the healthiest I have been in years. But if there is one thing it lacks it is the lack of connection with the modeling/cosplay community that I had back in Albuquerque NM. Going back home offered me the wonderful pleasure of working with a group of girls who I always have a ball shooting with. The Girls of Geek were always my favorite part of shooting in Albuquerque. Weather we were aiming for Nerdy or Sexy it is always great being around them. The best part of shooting with them is that it never feels like a photoshoot. It feels like a bunch of friends to goof around, play dress up and have some memorable pictures taken to commemorate the event. I’m happy to be living in Virginia, but as long as these girls are still in Albuquerque I’ll probably be finding my way back out there.

Jacqui Daniels Cosplays Poison Ivy: Set Editing

To try and find some new means of creating content I decided I would start making these videos that show off my process of editing in Adobe Lightroom. This set with Jacqui Daniels was something I did a few Months ago but figured it would act as a good test run. In this set you will notice one big thing that needs adjusted and that is white balance. All the images were taken in shade and came out a very cool color. Ivy is a much warmer feeling character so I needed to move the white balance to reflect that. Another thing you will notice is that I didn’t have to do much correction on Jacqui’s skin. She is a very talented Make Up Artist and know what she’s doing with makeup and skincare making my job as a photographer easier in post. If I don’t have to do a lot of skin retouching I’m not going to.  You can check Jacqui’s stuff out here as well as her instagram and her Make Up Page. Bellow you find the original gallery I have posted.

2 For 1 Shoots: Wednesday Adams and the Devil with Batmanda

October is here, the leaves are changing and Halloween is right around the corner. Now is the time to get out that old bin of creepy decorations and figure out what you’re going to be for the best holiday of the year. Lucky enough for me a lot of the people I work with have no shortage of costumes and ideas that they want to play with.

Batmanda and I had already talked about a Wednesday Adams shoot months back so we finally got that together but she recently posted a piece of cover art to inspire another shoot. I tend to shoot very fast. Shoots once they get going don’t last much longer than and hour so I don’t mind doubling up concepts especially when I can get them done at locations near each other.

The Devil theme was the shoot we did in a studio setting. I kept it super simple with natural light coming in through a window and a white wall as a basic background.  There is rarely any need to go over the top when it comes to shoots. you can get amazing results.

For Wednesday Adams we went down the road to the bosque where we could pull off some  more on location type stuff. Trying to get the tone of the photos was more of a matter of editing. Toning down the saturation to make it fit the character.

I love October in the what it offers aesthetically and I hope I get the opportunity to do more shoots this month.

Burlesque, Cosplay and the Wonderfully Weird Combination.

Burlesque is without doubt one of the hardest things out there to shoot in a live setting. The lighting setups are unforgiving, the energy is always up and all the different performances have different pacing which come with their own set of challenges. Challenges can be frustrating especially when it comes to photography but if you don’t push yourself you can never see yourself grow and if shooting burlesque has done anything is allow to grow as a photographer. That being said it is incredibly rewarding. Despite the over loaded SD Cards, Drained Batteries and the time spent culling all the images down in post you don’t get to test your skills as a photographer more than you will at a burlesque show.

So why shoot this burlesque show if it is so difficult? Well besides being a fun challenge and a buffet of  aesthetic stimulation this performance had that added layer of being a Cosplay related event which many of you may know is actually where I got my start in Photography. These Burlesque (or Nerdlesque) acts were a mix of creative imagery from the media that I have been consuming my entire life made for a very festive event that included some wonderful moments throughout (and of course attractive confident people taking their clothes off.)

Denver Comic Con 2016

This marks my 3rd year of covering Denver Comic Con and it always seems to wow me every year. It feels like this convention only gets bigger and bigger every year and this year absolutely felt the biggest. Being on the floor on Saturday put you elbows to elbows with everyone and mobility was incredibly limited. At many cons this would be seen as an issue with the layout but in the case of DCC this year it was purely due to the shear amount of people packed into the rather large Denver Convention Center. That being said it didn’t stop me from trying to get the best images possible down on the show floor. It’s been a while since I have been able to shoot such a festive event and I hope I get to do more going forward in the future. It is a always important to challenge ones self when getting out to shoot.