Harley Quinn

Harley Pool

We all got to get a little bit closer to our insanity every now and again. An indoor pool, a girl dressed as Harley Quinn and a bunch of inflatable unicorns, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing at all because this Harley Pool shoot was the most fun shooting in a long time. The energy was always it was pure collaboration and it’s hard to argue with the results. Things are always just a little more fun when you go a little bit crazy.

Harley and Deadpool get Naughty at Albuquerque Comic Con

When working with new people you never quite know what you’re going to get. Sometimes you get somebody who’s a little shy and reserved and you have to slowly get them out of their shell to get the shots you want and others Jump right into character and start giving different things to work with on a shoot. The later of which was Holly Rebelle and Kit Kombat who jumped right in for our shoot at Albuquerque Comic Con and slap me in the face with their confidence and freeing personality. Normally when I shoot I like to keep things a little slow and reserved but in this case the tempo was so high that shoot was over almost before I knew it.